What price for renting a bus with driver ?

Find here all information on bus rental price

The cost of a bus rental does not seem very clear to you? You will find in this section all the information to be well armed and prepare your trip.

You can find a price calculation engine on Transdev rental that will allow you to calculate a price quickly, for free and immediately.

The Transdev location network is made up of all Transdev group bus companies, with a 100% integrated approach. All our bus operators have a similar logic: compose a price to respect the service quality of Transdev, regulations, and environmental standards. These prices make it possible to meet tailor-made needs, schedules and points of departure and arrival determined by the customer. It is possible to book one or more coaches, and make circuits for school trips, tourist trips, business trips, your sporting events.

The price is calculated according to several criteria:

  • the cost of rolling stock: the bus
  • The cost of the kilometer: gasoline, tolls, car parks
  • the cost of the driver: wages, accommodation, meals
  • The cost of the structure costs: all the ancillary costs related to the management of the trip with the customer.

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