School trips

Training future generations. We are supporters of educational trips. Make unforgettable memories with school trips

Transporting elementary school, high school, and college students

Training future generations
We are supporters of educational trips
Make unforgettable memories with school trips

School trips are special times in the lives of students and their teachers, making them unforgettable. Whether abroad or at home, visiting sites of particular historical or emotional importance enables everyone involved to have a vital, enriching educational experience. These experiences are etched in our memories, and we at Transdev location can help you enjoy these special moments.

Most school trips are made by bus, which is why we do our very best to satisfy your needs. Our tour buses are specially adapted, undergoing frequent inspections, and our drivers are fully trained in transportation laws to ensure that you enjoy maximum safety.

Place your trust in us for a smooth school trip experience.

Are you a teacher, principal or parents’ association in a primary or secondary school, or in higher education?

Do you run classes on nature, history, winter sports, the city, the ocean, exploration, language trips, cultural or sporting activities?

Our drivers are true ambassadors; they are professionals in their field and will ensure the smooth running of your program, ensuring that your trip is a success.

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