Corporate and events

Managing staff transportation, group coordination and transportation logistics for events


Company-specific transportation needs, including the following:

  • Transporting employees to major industrial manufacturing sites
  • Organizing internal service systems over extensive multi-center sites
  • Finding transportation solutions for visitor access to offices, business parks, etc.
  • Offering travel options to the company's customers for specific events (trade shows, conventions, sales events, etc.)

Many companies face several strategic challenges, such as:

  • The efficient operation of manufacturing sites, and good relations with company staff
  • Optimizing the financial costs involved in this operational ‘support’ function
  • Corporate image in terms of receiving and welcoming visitors and customers to the company

Transdev location, providing customized solutions for companies:

  • Staff transportation to ensure that local and regional employment areas are served. Transdev location takes every measure to optimize services. Our high service levels on regular and school transportation routes across the country enables us to create a network, making the most of the technical and human resources available
  • Innovative, environmentally responsible transportation solutions. In industrial sites and business parks, providing internal services increasingly calls for the development of clean or alternative energy sources (like completely electric vehicles).
  • Transdev location has fleets of such vehicles at its disposal and ready to go, and is also committed to pursuing self-driving vehicle options


Group coordination and transportation logistics for events
Because some things you can’t improvise
Group or individual transportation is a logistical variable that is vitally important to the successful running of a large-scale event. 
Whether regional, national or international, for the organizers the event’s appeal depends on:

  • the quality and reliability of the transportation solutions proposed and/or put in place for the public, visitors and supporters. 
  • the efficiency and ease with which the transportation services are implemented, for participating delegations, teams, officials and VIPs. 

For tailored solutions when organizing these kinds of events, Transdev location has the answer, whether your event:

  • is complex in terms of scale, requiring large numbers of passengers to be transported and/or involving several locations, or
  • is sensitive due to the event’s high exposure and media coverage, posing a challenge in terms of anticipated traffic and expected income, or causing safety and security issues, a serious concern for large-scale gatherings

Aware of the challenges faced by organizers, Transdev location offers the use of its many services, including:

  • On-the-ground support from around 100 partner companies, providing strong local coverage in the city or area affected by an event or expecting large numbers of visitors requiring a service.
  • A sales monitoring and operational coordination unit, forming a single, permanent entry point for the event organizer throughout the implementation period, enabling them to coordinate the companies involved in the event management
  • Continued links with major airport and railway hubs, making it even easier to welcome and transfer delegations 
  • Our large mixed vehicle fleets (intercity touring buses, minibuses, shuttle buses, limousines), all with the same high standards of quality and comfort
  • Proven logistical expertise in organizing multi-origin transportation systems, both long-haul and short-haul, and managing these on the event site(s): overseeing technical resources and drivers, identifying locations and their accessibility, solving issues of parking and traffic management with the relevant public bodies.
  • The option of partially or completely customizing the vehicles involved in the event colors
  • The straight-forward operational, contractual and accounting relations (one single contract and single billing), no matter which transportation companies (Transdev subsidiaries or sub-contractors) are involved in the actual provision of services.